Hey friends! 

Who am I? I am a lover of all things Christmas, a puppy fanatic, obsessed with Fixer Upper (but who isn't really?), and constantly planning my next trip. My mini schnauzer, Tucker, stolen my heart and have a phone full of photos of him. I have fallen in love with being behind a camera and telling YOUR stories. I am a photographer of those who love to explore and go on an adventure. Photography is my passion, travel inspires me, and laughing is my life.  

I am drawn to telling stories through photography. I believe, without a doubt, that a picture says a thousand words and I strive to make this happen with every picture.

Where do I get my inspiration? That’s an easy answer; Life! Literally everything can be an inspiration if you let it be one. For me, it can be as simple as the trees changing color in middle of fall, to the love a family has for each other, to the moment your favorite song comes on the radio in rush hour. To me, capturing raw emotions and pure character is what photography is all about. The ‘posed and put on your best smile’ pictures can be nice, but they most likely aren’t real. I like to have fun with what I do and strive to challenge myself with each assignment. I want you to have fun as well... we may even get in a few laughs! I want you look at your pictures and say “Man, that was a fun day, and wow those pictures are so us!”