Meagan Dallas Photography | About

Hey friends!

I am Meagan D.

Around here, I love to tell stories and photography is my vehicle to tell the story that words simply cannot. I am a lover of all things Christmas, a puppy fanatic (especially with my mini schnauzer Tucker), obsessed with Fixer Upper (but who isn't really?), and newly married! I am a natural light photographer of those who love to explore and go on adventures. Is staying in your yoga pants, watching Netflix more your jam? Let's chat, did I mention I love HGTV? Photography is my passion, travel inspires me, and laughing is my life.  


I don't want to just be your photographer, I want to open up my life to you in hopes that you will do the same. I want to be your own personal cheerleader and friend. No I won't make you sign a friendship agreement, but wouldn't life be way less fun if every relationship was simply a transactional one? Sound interesting to you? Do you want to grab coffee and chat? I can't promise my dog will love you, he is very hard to please, just ask my husband :), but I can promise we will laugh and have a good time. So reach out! Say Hey! I would love to hear from all of you. Everyone has a story to tell, and I want to tell yours.